Undercover Dome

Have you never tried bowls before but want to give it a go? Maybe you’re already a keen bowler looking for a change. Well, our bowls club has the best facilities in town and we’d love to welcome you aboard.

We offer more casual events like Barefoot Bowls and even free summer programs for the kids, so if you’ve never bowled before, we’ve got you covered. There is even coaching available if you’d like to step up your game and play more regularly.

For the seasoned pro, we offer memberships for those looking to enjoy some social bowls throughout the week. We have midweek and Saturday Pennant events, so you can always explore your competitive side!

Best of all, we’ve got two outdoor greens for when the sun is shining, and two indoor greens in the undercover dome. No matter the weather, you can always join us for some bowling!

Bowls Club Officials

Garry Davey


Barbara Bibby

Vice President

Gerald Madden


Lorraine Cumming

Assistant Secretary

Sub Committee Members

Mid Week Pennant

Beryl Duncan
Bryan Sheehan
Moira Cooknell
Susie Malcolm
Margaret Smart

Saturday Pennant

Ron O'Brien
Brian Scott
Bryan Sheehan
Brian McGennan
Peter Malcolm
Peter Rouse

Ladies Match

Judith Murnane
Moira Cooknell
Rosalie Cozens
Lyn Ness
Maureen O'Brien

Mens Match

Colin Davey
John Nisbet
Owen Burleigh
Jeff Gilbert
Trevor Richardson

Ladies General Committee

Glenda Ritchie
Lorraine Cumming
Joan Malikoff
Annette Millard
Jenny Smith

Greens & Grounds Committee

Graeme Roberts
Greg Ritchie

Bowls Events